Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these questions, answers below. If you still have any question, contact us for more information.

General Questions

What's WPGroupbuy?
WPGroupbuy offers WordPress Theme so you have an easy way to create and manage your own online daily deals website like Groupon. WPGroupbuy allows consumers to group together in order to obtain great discounts on products and services offered by merchants.
How WPGroupbuy works?
When local consumer Joe visits and find a deal for $20 worth of food from ABC Pizza for only $10. Joe loves pizza so he clicks “Buy”. The difference between a normal coupon and a’s coupon is that Joe pays the discounted price up front, even before he’s in the restaurant. The $10 is split between ABC Pizza and itself, which usually involves both companies taking 50%.

Joe will only get the deal if 20 other people buy the deal. By setting a minimum number of purchases, ABC Pizza is guaranteed a minimum dollar amount of sales, or else the deal is off. In this case, ABC Pizza wants to make sure it gets at least $100 in sales (20 people x $10 – 50%) if it’s going to offer such a steep discount. To help reach the minimum, website encourages Joe to share the deal with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Lucky for Joe, the deal “tips” in a matter of minutes, meaning the deal is on.

Every deal has two expiration dates. The first expiration date restricts how long the deal is available for purchase. Deals remain “live” on the Website for a limited number of days (you can see the countdown clock). Once the deal is purchased, there is a second deadline by which the deal must be redeemed. After that date, an unredeemed coupon is useless.

To redeem the coupon, Joe either prints out a redemption code or uses the barcode. Joe orders a large pizza and a drink for a total of $22. He only has to pay $12 (the $10 coupon + $2 over the $20 deal).

Will WPGroupbuy work with my current website?
The WPGroupbuy theme were built specifically to work with WordPress (WP). If your website is based on a self-hosted version of WordPress (, it’s easy to install our theme. If you don’t have a WordPress site, you can get one for free as most hosting companies include it with the purchase of a hosting plan.
Do you offer Affiliate Program?
Yes, we do. You can review the affiliate program and join us to start earning today.

WPG Theme & Plugin (now WPGroupbuy Theme)

What payment gateways does WPG support?
We’ve integrated PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayFast, SagePay,, Stripe, eWay, PayU India,, Braintree, MercadoPago, Cheque, Bank wire transfer and Cash on Delivery (Offline method)… You can process credit card payment directly on your website.
Does WPG support RTL?
Is it easy to translate theme?
Sure, you can translate theme by PoEdit software or translate directly by WPG buid-in tool.
Can I modifly theme?
You are free to do that. We recommend you to use our professional customization services.
What if I need to customize the WPG theme?
We offer professional customization services for all our products. This is great for business owners that want to alter the look of their WPGroupbuy Theme. Customization services aren’t included with the purchase of the WPGroupbuy theme and must be paid for separately.
Is the WPGroupbuy source code encrypted?
No, WPG comes with full source code. We just protect license part only.

Legal Questions

Does WPGroupbuy have partner sites that resell or distribute its products?
No. All other websites that are selling or offering copies of our products for free are unauthorized to do so and are therefore susceptible to legal prosecution. If you see this occurring, please report it to us immediately. Absolutely nobody is licensed to resell or distribute our products. Furthermore, downloading free copies of our products from other sites is quite dangerous. Have you ever asked yourself why someone would want to break the law to offer free copies of products they don’t own? Most likely they’ve introduced some malicious code into the product so that when you download it, it infects your computer with a virus in an attempt to gain access to your bank account. Once you’ve uploaded the infected product, they’ll be able to gain access to your website too.
Can I share the WPGroupbuy theme?
No. You are NOT allowed to distribute the WPGroupbuy theme, the license extends to you and you alone.

Pre-Sales Questions

System requirements?
Web Server: Apache, IIS, CGI, FastCGI or ISAPI
Operating System: Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac
PHP Version: 5.x+
MySQL Version: 4.1.2+
SendMail: Yes
PHP memory_limit: 32M
Json: Yes
LibXML: Yes
mod_rewrite: Enable
WordPress Version: 3.3+

Can I use other WP themes with WPGroupbuy?
Unfortunately, no you can’t do that.
Can I use WooCommerce with WPGroupbuy?
No, WPGroupbuy is an ecommerce system and it doesn’t work with WooCommerce.
What are the WPG's features?
You can visit Features page for more information.
Do you have live demo?
Yes, you can find the view demo here. Current we don’t offer live demo for admin panel.
How many sites can I install the WPG theme on?
Any WPG product may only be installed on the number of websites that the license you purchase allows and all those sites must be owned by you. You are NOT allowed to install it on any websites that you do NOT own (i.e. your friends’ sites) and you may NOT share, distribute, or resell the theme.
Can you install WPGroupbuy theme for me?
We can install, config your site for $30, click here for more details
When do I get download link?
You will get download link on client area instantly after purchased successful. In some case, email is marked as spam or not delivery. Please contact us.
When do I get the license key?
You will get license key instantly by email.
Do I get free support & updates?
Yes, as long as you’re a member of the WPGroupbuy site, you’ll be able to download future updates and you’ll have access to all forums, feedback pages, tutorials, and documentation available to members.
Is there any hidden fee?
There is no hidden fee for Platinum package, with this package, you just pay once only to access all updates, lifetime license. It’s the most economical package.

For the other packages, after the initial support & updates period expires, you can keep the member subscription for $9.99 a month. Platinum package is the most popular, it will save you more money than other packages.

How much does a WPGroupbuy membership cost?
You’ll be charged $9.99/month to obtain access to unlimited updates and support.
What happens if I cancel my membership?
You’ll lose access to all future product updates and support. To regain access to support and obtain updates for products, you’ll need to purchase the product again. Hence, it is in your best interest to not cancel your membership.
Can I upgrade to another plan later?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time just by paying the price difference for the software and obtaining a new membership. Contact us if you’d like to upgrade and we’ll send you instructions.
Payment methods we accept.
You can make payment online with PayPal, the fast, free, easy, secure way to make online payments, in 56 countries and regions. With PayPal, you can shop without sharing your financial information – privacy is built in. And you control how you pay (bank account, your PayPal balance or credit card).

If you want to make payment by offline method (Western Union), please place your purchase here.

Can I get refund after payment made?
No. All sales are final. Because WPGroupbuy products are digital, there’s no way to return them. Rest assured, however, we very rarely have someone ask us for a refund since the products are so well designed.