Please review these questions, answers below. If you still have any question, contact us for more information.


What's WPGroupbuy?
WPGroupbuy is a WooCommerce WordPress theme combines with WooCommerce Groupbuy plugin and make your site works like Groupon, LivingSocial.
How WPGroupbuy works?
WPGroupbuy works like Groupon.com, you can check this image, it will explain how it works. Source: sitejabber.com
Server requirements?
Web Server: Apache, IIS
PHP Version: 5.6.20 or greater, PHP 7 is highly recommended
MySQL Version: 5.0.15 or greater or any version of MariaDB
mod_rewrite: Enable
WordPress Version: 3.3+
What are the features?
You can visit Features page for more information.
Do you have live demo?
Yes, you can find the view demo here. Current we don’t offer live demo for admin panel.
Can I use WooCommerce with WPGroupbuy?
Yes, WPGroupbuy needs WooCommerce to run.
Can I use other WP themes with WPGroupbuy?
Sure, you can but might need some customizes to make it works perfectly.
When do I get download link?
You will get download link instantly after purchased successful. In some cases, email is marked as spam or not delivery. Please contact us for help.
Do I get free updates, support?
You will get free updates, support for 1 year. After that, you might want to renew and get access to the latest files and support.
Can you install WPGroupbuy theme for me?
We do offer installation service for $30
Is there any hidden fee?
There is no hidden fee. You just pay once and get access to the files and choose to renew the updates & support after first year.
Can I get refund after payment made?
No. All sales are final. Because WPGroupbuy products are digital, there’s no way to return them. Rest assured, however, we very rarely have someone ask us for a refund since the products are so well designed.


How many sites can I install the WPGroupbuy theme on?
There is single site license and Multi sites license (for 5 websites). If you want install for more than 5 domains, please contact us.

WPGroupbuy Functions

What payment gateways does WPGroupbuy support?
WPGroupbuy uses WooCommerce so you can install many gateways as you want. For Vendor Payout feature, we integrated PayPal payout (valid for US business account only), Stripe and other gateways will be added in the future.
Does WPGroupbuy support RTL?
Can I translate the theme?
Yes, you can do this, language files are included.
Can I modifly theme?
You are free to do that. We recommend you to use our professional customization services.
What if I need to customize the the theme?
We offer professional customization services for all our products. This is great for business owners that want to alter the look of their WPGroupbuy Theme. Customization services aren’t included with the purchase of the WPGroupbuy theme and must be paid for separately.
Is the WPGroupbuy source code encrypted?
No, WPGroupbuy comes with full source code.

Legal Questions

Can I share the WPGroupbuy theme?
No. You are NOT allowed to distribute the WPGroupbuy theme, the license extends to you and you alone.
Does WPGroupbuy have partner sites that distribute its products?
No. All other websites that are selling or offering copies of our products for free are unauthorized to do so and are therefore susceptible to legal prosecution. If you see this occurring, please report it to us immediately. Absolutely nobody is licensed to resell or distribute our products. Furthermore, downloading free copies of our products from other sites is quite dangerous. Have you ever asked yourself why someone would want to break the law to offer free copies of products they don’t own? Most likely they’ve introduced some malicious code into the product so that when you download it, it infects your computer with a virus in an attempt to gain access to your bank account. Once you’ve uploaded the infected product, they’ll be able to gain access to your website too.