WPGroupbuy v2.5 has been released

Here are the changes of latest version:

1. Use Bootstrap

  • We converted whole site and it now supports Bootstrap. So it’s easy to customize site, reduce size, load faster.

2. Improve site performance:

  • You can see our demo, it loading very fast, click and show.
  • Support PHP 7.
  • Improve css, js, images, html code, WP Query code… Remove unused stuff.

3. New features:

  • Bundles Deals: you can create a bundle of deals, make it a seperated deal.
  • Report filter: help you search & get the result on report page instantly.

4. Bug fix:

  • Fix issues with unicode characters on PDF voucher.
  • Fix issues with guest checkout.
  • Fix license invalid error.
  • Fix issues with responsive version. Support bootstrap now.
  • Fix HTML design, css for the theme.
  • Other bugs.
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