WPGroupbuy v2.3 has been released

We must say sorry for being late of releasing new version of WPG. We are now happy to release WPG v2.3 with these changes:

1. Combine WPG Plugin to WPGroupbuy theme

  • We now combined WPGroupbuy Plugin to WPGroupbuy Theme, you don’t have to run plugin, theme seperately. Just need to active WPGroupbuy theme v2.3  and done.

2. Improve site performance:

  • System won’t generate lot of data on database anymore. Your database will be smaller and site will load faster.
  • Improve css, js, images, html code, WP Query code… Remove unused stuff.

3. New features:

  • More payment methods: Mollie.nl, PayU India, MercadoPago, Authorize.net CIM and more offline payment gateways such as Cash on delivery, Cheque, Bank wire transfer. More than that, you can choose your own design for checkout button.
  • PDF voucher.
  • Adding deal options feature. Client now can choose options of your deal easy. It works like Groupon website.
  • Integrate Google Captcha.
  • Can turn on/off Guest checkout.
  • Can turn on/off Merchant account.
  • Checkout notes when checkout.
  • Discount code when checkout.
  • Add more languages: Chinese, French, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Portugal Brazil, Hebrew (Language files are translated by community so it might not completed 100%)

4. Bug fix:

  • Remove lot of bugs with WordPress v4.x (Debug mode on) and issues found on error log file.
  • Remove issues with generate content automatically on database.
  • Remove issues with checkout process, empty cart when checkout.
  • Remove issues with report, account page.
  • Fix issue with SSL.
  • Fix issue when reviewing voucher.
  • Fix issue with Facebook login.
  • Fix conficts with JS.
  • Fix issues with language/content.
  • Fix thumbnail display. We now remove timthumb.
  • Fix issues with responsive version. Support bootstrap now.
  • Fix HTML design, css for the theme.
  • Other bugs.
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