WPGroupbuy v2.2 has been release

We are now happy to release WPG v2.2 with these changes:

1. Improve site performance:

  • Improve css, js, images, html code, WP Query code… we made site load faster. Remove unused stuff.
  • Improve subscription lightbox feature, you can close the lightbox and skip submit information.

2. New features:

  • More payment methods: Stripe, eWay (for Australia, New Zeland customer).
  • Allow you add more fields on registration form (require coding, for advanced use/developer).
  • Allow you increase sales/purchases with a fake number.
  • Add Deal menu: you can add your own deal menu, it supports sub-menu as well.
  • Offline license file: allow you upload license file, keep it offline checking. So your site will not depend on our server. If we have any trouble with server, your site won’t be affected.
  • Add some home templates (without mousewheel)
  • Add phone, email field on billing, shipping form.
  • Add more languages: German, Romanian, French. More languages will be added soon (Danish, Italian, Dutch)

3. Bug fix:

  • Fix issue for ‘How do you want to show Deals’, you won’t be redirect to login page when option ‘Visitor can see the deal but they need to login to get more details’ choosen.
  • Fix issues with language/content.
  • Fix thumbnail display.
  • Fix issues with Child Theme, now you can use customizer tool.
  • Fix issues with responsive version.
  • Support responsive for embed video.
  • Fix redirect issue.
  • Fix HTML design, css for the theme.
  • Other small bugs.
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