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WPGroupbuy v2.3 has been released

Posted by / February 3, 2016 / Categories: News, plugin / 0 Comments

We must say sorry for being late of releasing new version of WPG. We are now happy to release WPG v2.3 with these changes:

1. Combine WPG Plugin to WPGroupbuy theme

  • We now combined WPGroupbuy Plugin to WPGroupbuy Theme, you don’t have to run plugin, theme seperately. Just need to active WPGroupbuy theme v2.3  and done.

2. Improve site performance:

  • System won’t generate lot of data on database anymore. Your database will be smaller and site will load faster.
  • Improve css, js, images, html code, WP Query code… Remove unused stuff.

3. New features:

  • More payment methods:, PayU India, MercadoPago, CIM and more offline payment gateways such as Cash on delivery, Cheque, Bank wire transfer. More than that, you can choose your own design for checkout button.
  • PDF voucher.
  • Adding deal options feature. Client now can choose options of your deal easy. It works like Groupon website.
  • Integrate Google Captcha.
  • Can turn on/off Guest checkout.
  • Can turn on/off Merchant account.
  • Checkout notes when checkout.
  • Discount code when checkout.
  • Add more languages: Chinese, French, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Portugal Brazil, Hebrew (Language files are translated by community so it might not completed 100%)

4. Bug fix:

  • Remove lot of bugs with WordPress v4.x (Debug mode on) and issues found on error log file.
  • Remove issues with generate content automatically on database.
  • Remove issues with checkout process, empty cart when checkout.
  • Remove issues with report, account page.
  • Fix issue with SSL.
  • Fix issue when reviewing voucher.
  • Fix issue with Facebook login.
  • Fix conficts with JS.
  • Fix issues with language/content.
  • Fix thumbnail display. We now remove timthumb.
  • Fix issues with responsive version. Support bootstrap now.
  • Fix HTML design, css for the theme.
  • Other bugs.

No more license renewal fee

Posted by / June 19, 2014 / Categories: News, plugin / 6 Comments

We would like to announce the license renewal is now $0 instead $49.99/year. You won’t pay any fee for license, we have upgraded all licenses to Lifetime so you can use it forever. We hope you are happy with this news.

WPGroupbuy v2.2 has been release

Posted by / June 19, 2014 / Categories: News, plugin / 2 Comments

We are now happy to release WPG v2.2 with these changes:

1. Improve site performance:

  • Improve css, js, images, html code, WP Query code… we made site load faster. Remove unused stuff.
  • Improve subscription lightbox feature, you can close the lightbox and skip submit information.

2. New features:

  • More payment methods: Stripe, eWay (for Australia, New Zeland customer).
  • Allow you add more fields on registration form (require coding, for advanced use/developer).
  • Allow you increase sales/purchases with a fake number.
  • Add Deal menu: you can add your own deal menu, it supports sub-menu as well.
  • Offline license file: allow you upload license file, keep it offline checking. So your site will not depend on our server. If we have any trouble with server, your site won’t be affected.
  • Add some home templates (without mousewheel)
  • Add phone, email field on billing, shipping form.
  • Add more languages: German, Romanian, French. More languages will be added soon (Danish, Italian, Dutch)

3. Bug fix:

  • Fix issue for ‘How do you want to show Deals’, you won’t be redirect to login page when option ‘Visitor can see the deal but they need to login to get more details’ choosen.
  • Fix issues with language/content.
  • Fix thumbnail display.
  • Fix issues with Child Theme, now you can use customizer tool.
  • Fix issues with responsive version.
  • Support responsive for embed video.
  • Fix redirect issue.
  • Fix HTML design, css for the theme.
  • Other small bugs.

New update for WPGroupbuy theme v2.1.1

Posted by / April 12, 2014 / Categories: News, plugin / 0 Comments

You can download new version on client area. This update fix some issues with:

– Offline payment method: Now you can use HTML code on instruction field, fix display issue.
– Fix issue when you customize sub-menu background color.
– Update style for RTL content (Arabic, Hebrew…)

How to upgrade?
You just need delete old theme version and active new version v2.1.1. If you have customized code, please backup and test your site first.

WPGroupbuy v2.1 has been release

Posted by / April 9, 2014 / Categories: News, plugin / 1 Comment

After v2.0 release on January/2014, we got a lot of feedbacks, ideas and bug report from clients. Instead release v2.0.1 and other small updates, we decided to work to add more features, fix bugs and improve the system. We are now happy to release WPG v2.1 with these changes:

1. Improve site performance:

By working with css, js, images, html code, WP Query code… we made site load faster, smaller files. Remove unuseful stuff and site is now use less resources. We made big change of timthumb by changing its URL slug, no more complex URL, it now shorter, load faster.
We also improve the checkout process, you can choose multiple payment method and checkout easy.

2. New features:

  • API: allows you customize site as you want, you can now add your own payment gateway. You need to contact us to get document about API.
  • More payment methods: Offline method (Cash on Delivery), SagePay, PayFast
  • Allow merchant edit their own deal, they can change status of deal to pending or publish.
  • Subscription lightbox: When you first visit a deal site, you will be asked for choosing location, enter email. Now WPG supports it, you can turn it on/off easy.
  • Set shipping fee based on cart.

3. Bug fix:

  • SSL error when checkout as guest.
  • Show active deals on featured position only.
  • Fix thumbnail display on some pages.
  • Add upload form for some section on admin panel.
  • Voucher code page now supported responsive version.
  • Add checkbox ask client accept term of service when checkout.
  • Fix redirect issue.
  • Some HTML design, css for the theme.
  • Fix empty error when choosing featured category.
  • Other small bugs.

WPGroupbuy v2.0 has been release!

Posted by / January 2, 2014 / Categories: News, plugin / 0 Comments

We are happy to announce the release of WPGroupbuy v2.0! WPGroupbuy plugin v2.0 comes with a lot of improvements in performance. It now add many features such as merchant account, management tools…etc, that means for you more clients, more profit.

The new WPGroupbuy also comes with new design with easier to use design and mobile friendly layout has been added and is ready for your visit.

WPG responsive

We like to thank you for your support and if you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us at any time.

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Holiday Deal, 50% Off for all packages

Posted by / December 19, 2012 / Categories: News, plugin / 0 Comments

Thank you for your business this year. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to contributing to your success in 2013. For this holidays, we give you 50% off for all packages. Click here for more information.
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About changing domain & name

Posted by / May 21, 2012 / Categories: News, plugin / 0 Comments

We want to inform that own website & products will change the name. No more WPGroupon, it will change to WPGroupbuy and new URL is We have trouble with ‘groupon’ term and that is the reason why we need to change.

We are now changing the site and reconfig it, if you get any trouble, you can send an email for support.

WordPress WPGroupbuy theme, plugins v1.0 released

Posted by / March 16, 2012 / Categories: News / 1 Comment

WordPress WPGroupbuy theme, plugins v1.0 have been released. We have done a lot of jobs and trying to give you better experience. You can view more features at and checkout demo here
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Hello world!

Posted by / July 5, 2011 / Categories: News / 0 Comments

Hello and welcome to, this is the first post. You can find here more information about WPGgroupbuy updates, theme and plugin process. We also keep posting about tips, tutorials, … etc. Follow us at Twitter to get latest news. There are nothing to write anymore, check WPGroupbuy features and purchase :)

Thank you for your support!

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